• Olympic Year Take 2 – Same Same but different
    Here we go again. Another year of building up to the biggest sporting event in the world. Another winter of relentless training sandwiched by trials and testing against the great friends you spend every day with, for a finite number of Olympic seats. Another opportunity to get it right. To go that little bit faster.Continue reading “Olympic Year Take 2 – Same Same but different”
  • Nowhere else I’d rather be
    No where else I’d rather be. I first heard this phrase when doing race prep with a coach in Wales. He suggested that this was the thought that I held in my head during those precious moments of silence when sat on the startline just before a race. It was good advice, and a helpfulContinue reading “Nowhere else I’d rather be”
  • A new Tokyo 2020
    It is 4 months to the start of the 2020 Olympic games that we have spent the last 4 years building towards, and in 4 days everything has changed.
  • Dare to Dream
    I want to go to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. To most, that probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering I am part of the GB rowing team but the reality is, that sentence is hard to write. It is a bold statement, a big dream. It leaves space for this thing that weContinue reading “Dare to Dream”

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